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Bookmobile & Outreach Services Special Event Request Form

The York County Library Outreach Department provides library resources, programs, and services to those who cannot reasonably access a library facility.

Please note that at least six weeks' notice is required to allow for adequate time for preparation of materials and staff to attend an event.

The Bookmobile and Outreach Van are 28 feet long and require adequate room to maneuver. Describe the parking area and how the vehicle can enter and exit:

Services requested:

Priority is given to events that meet the following criteria:

  • Annual community festival or fair

  • School literacy night

  • The event promotes literacy and reading.

  • Attendance on the Bookmobile/Outreach Van expected to be 200 or more


These conditions are essential for attending an event:

  • The event aligns with the Library Mission Statement.

  • The Bookmobile/Outreach Van and department staff are available.

  • The event is free and open to the general public.

  • Restrooms are available for staff.

  • Parking is adequate for a 28 feet long, 11 feet tall, 10 feet wide vehicle.

  • The Bookmobile/Outreach Van cannot block access to handicapped spots or emergency vehicles and will not park across handicapped spots or striped zones for any amount of time during the visit.

  • The Bookmobile/Outreach Van will not be parked within 200 feet of a stage or sound system, or within 300 feet of fireworks.


These conditions are reasons to decline attending an event:

  • The library is closed.

  • Library staff is not available for the event.

  • Would require cancellation of regularly scheduled Outreach stops as listed on our Bookmobile Schedule.

  • Previous involvement in the event shows it was not productive.

I have reviewed the guidelines above and understand that submitting this form does not guarantee service.

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