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Indie Author Project is a self-publishing program where local indie authors can share and publish their e-book through the Library, discover local content from self-published authors, and attend a monthly webinar series for experienced, beginning, or soon-to-be authors of any genre, at any stage in the writing process.

  • Indie Author Project Expert Sessions: This monthly webinar series features indie authors, industry professionals, and compelling content covering a wide range of writing topics, including marketing, the writing process, indie publishing, editing, and more. Visit this page for up-to-date news on upcoming Expert Sessions or view the archive for past sessions.

    • Indie Author Project 101: Thursday, November 18, 4:00–5:00 p.m.
      Whether you’re just hearing about the Indie Author Project (IAP) for the first time or you’ve been a part of the community for years, this session will provide you with the latest updates and details on the scope and direction of the program. Attendees will learn about where IAP eBook collections are available, how the author royalty component operates, upcoming opportunities to get involved in IAP, and so much more.

Biblioboard Library

In BiblioBoard Library, patrons will discover local content from self-published South Carolina authors, as well as newly discovered indie books from authors around the world.  All content always has unlimited access, simultaneous use with no check-outs, waits, or holds.