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Mobile Printing

York County Library patrons can now send documents and photos to print at library printers using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other internet-connected device. Costs are 15¢ per black and white page and 25¢ per color page, with 24 hours to pick up print jobs at any of our five locations. This service is available through our website, by email, and by mobile app.


  1. Select a library to print to:

  2. Select the black and white or color printer.

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Browse to the file or website you want to print.

  5. Click the arrow to continue.

  6. Choose the number of copies.

  7. Choose whether to print all or select pages.

  8. Click the arrow to continue.

  9. Confirm the number of pages to print.

  10. Click the green button to proceed.

  11. Wait for the notification that your request has been processed.

  12. Visit the checkout desk at your designated library (or the Technology Center for the Main Library in Rock Hill) within 24 hours to pick up your prints.


  1. Select a library and printer to print to:

  2. Compose or forward an email to the selected printer and attach any documents or photos you want to print.

  3. Send the email.

  4. Wait for the confirmation email that your print job has been processed.

  5. Pick up your prints at your designated library.

Mobile App

  1. Download the PrinterOn app for your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play (Android users may also download the PrinterOn Print Service Plugin to print multiple copies or adjust print orientation).

  2. Tap "No Printer Selected."

  3. Use the map to select the desired location to print to.

  4. Select a black and white or color printer.

  5. Use the photo, document, or web icons to choose the items to print.

  6. Enter your email address when prompted.

  7. Wait for the confirmation message that your submission was successful.

  8. Pick up your prints at your designated library.

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