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Celebrate National Poetry Month! Read your original piece or one from your favorite author and participate in some easy poetry activities. Open to poets of all ages! Performers must register online or call 803-547-4114, but audience members need not register. Limit 15.


To find more poetry-related activities and other ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, visit

Donate Your Eclipse Glasses

Please consider returning your undamaged eclipse glasses to any YCL location through April 26. We'll send them to Eclipse Glasses USA, an organization that will check the glasses for damage.


All glasses in good condition will be shipped to South America and other areas for students to use to view future eclipses. 

Please do not donate bent or torn glasses.


Get Help: Resources for Tax Forms and Preparation

YCL is still offering limited Federal tax forms to the public, although currently we only have Forms 1040, 1040-SR, and instructions for tax year 2023. We encourage you to visit the IRS website to view, download, print, and order your Federal tax products online. No paper state income tax forms will be available.
Visit our Tax Resources page or view YCL's Tax Help Flyer for an overview of tax resources and more, including where to find free local tax preparation assistance.

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