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YCL Teen Discord Channel

Hey teens, join our Teen Discord channel for daily themed chats. Get your invite quickly emailed with our Ask A YA Librarian form. Just provide your name, email, library card number, and Discord username. Be sure to check out all of the Teen Virtual Programs as well. Please note this channel is only for York County students ages 11-17.

Escape Rooms

An Escape Room is, simply put, a series of clues to interpret and puzzles to solve in order to answer the mystery of the room. You can take it on by yourself or as a group, and you can play it as many times as you like. Just have fun with it! Escape rooms take about 30 minutes to complete and are most suitable for ages 10+ (but we won't tell if you're younger than that). Good luck!

Escape with the Sorcerer's Stone: A Virtual Escape Room

The Sorcerer's Stone is in danger! The library has secretly been keeping it hidden and protected for years now, but somehow, word got out about its location and now the Ministry of Magic is afraid it might fall into the wrong hands. It's up to you to find the Sorcerer's Stone first and keep it safe. Of course, it won't be easy, but you can handle it, right?

Escape the Mummy's Curse: A Virtual Escape Room

Archaeologists recently discovered the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Despite the warnings from locals, the team decided to open the tomb and begin their excavation. However, since then, everyone who has come into contact with these artifacts has disappeared. It’s up to you to find out what happened to them and make sure it doesn’t happen to you too. Enter only if you dare, because if you fail to solve the mystery of the tomb, it's only a matter of time before you too succumb to the mummy’s curse.

Once Upon an Escape Room: A Virtual Escape Room

Yours is a tragic story. You have spent your life locked in the highest room in the tallest tower, but now is your time to escape! You're sick and tired of living a life trapped behind these stone walls, and you are willing to solve any and all puzzles that stand in your way! Which is good, because there will be puzzles aplenty (and maybe a dragon) standing between you and your freedom. This escape room is most suitable for children and families.

Choose Your Own D&D Adventure: A Virtual Escape Room

Part 1 (The Invitation) - 20 minutes to complete

Part 2 (Strange Magic) - 30 minutes to complete

Part 3 (The Librarian's Favorite Book) - 45 minutes to complete

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms ... sort of. This virtual mystery is a little bit Choose Your Own Adventure, a little bit Dungeons & Dragons, and a little bit Escape Room. It is a 3-part adventure that follows you, the adventurer, to the town of Shenigal, where you will attempt to solve the mystery of what is plaguing its citizens. Along the way, you will meet characters you may recognize from literature and will have the opportunity to guess these characters as they arise. See how many you can guess correctly! Each episode is most suitable for ages 16+. Good luck!

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