York County Library

Application Deadline: open until filled

Starting Salary, Benefits and Hours: Beginning salary is $10,775 for 20 hours per week. Fringe benefits package includes State retirement, vacation and sick leave. Work schedule is Monday through Friday, daytime only.

General Statement of Job: Under regular supervision, transports books and other supplies from headquarters to branch libraries. Reports to the Circulation Manager. A complete copy of the job description is available for review in each York County Library.

Minimum Training and Experience: Requires a high school diploma or GED quivalent. Must possess a valid state driver's license and a good driving record

Application Deadline: Applications may be obtained at any York County Public Library. Personal resume encouraged in addition to application. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a York County Library employment application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. A separate application must be submitted for each position. Application must include applicant’s driving record for the last 3 years obtainable at the DMV.

Completed application and resume may be hand-delivered or mailed to: York County Library, Attn: Anita Rookard, Human Resources; PO Box 10032, Rock Hill, SC 29731. The position will remain open until filled. Due to the large volume of applicants we will be unable to answer questions concerning the status of an application.




The purpose of the class to transport books and other supplies from headquarters to branch libraries. This class works according to set procedure under regular supervision. Reports to the Manager of technical Services Department.

Essential Tasks: The tasks listed below are those that represent the majority of the time spent working in this class. Management may assign additional tasks related to the type of work of the class as necessary.

  • Delivers new books cataloged at Library headquarters to appropriate branch libraries.
  • Delivers books returned by patrons and gift books to appropriate library site.
  • Transports office and janitorial supplies from headquarters to branch libraries.
  • Transports boxes; rugs; IRS tax forms; costumes; posters; mail; and other miscellaneous items to various library and non-library locations as required.
  • Transports payroll checks and money Pouches to appropriate library site.
  • Responsible for scheduling regular maintenance for cargo van. Informs Department Manager of maintenance issues. Takes van to be serviced for maintenance.
  • Receives memos and prepares vehicle maintenance logs and mileage reports on a regular basis.
  • Keeps the Department Manager informed of all concerns and problems in the department.
  • Operates a cargo van, handtruck and book trucks; fuels and has van washed as necessary.
  • Interacts and communicates with a variety of individuals including the Department Manager, Library Director, and other department managers and staff members.


Data Involvement: Requires copying, transcribing, entering, or posting data or information.

People Involvement: Requires speaking or signaling to people to convey or exchange information of a general nature.

Involvement with Things: Requires handling or using machines, tools, or equipment requiring moderate instruction and experience, such as forklifts.


Reasoning Requirements: Requires performing routine work using common sense.

Mathematical Requirements: Requires using basic addition and subtraction, such as making change or measuring.

Language Requirements: Requires reading routine sentences, instructions, regulations, procedures or work orders; writing routine sentences and completing routine job forms and incident reports; speaking routine sentences using proper grammar.

Mental Requirements: Requires doing simple, repetitive manual, clerical or operating tasks following a few definite procedures; requires minor short-term planning; requires little attention for accurate results.


Vocational/Educational Preparation: Requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Special Certifications and Licenses: Must possess a valid state driver's license and a good driving record.

Experience Requirements: None


Physical and Dexterity Requirements: Requires light-to-medium work that involves walking or standing virtually all of the time and also involves exerting between 20 and 50 pounds of force on a recurring basis, or considerable skill, adeptness and speed in the use of fingers, hands or limbs in tasks involving close tolerances or limits of accuracy.

Environmental Hazards: The job may risk exposure to bright/dim light, dusts and pollen, extreme heat and/or cold, wet or humid conditions, traffic, moving machinery, toxic/caustic chemicals.

Sensory Requirements: The job requires normal visual acuity, depth perception and field of vision, hearing and speaking abilities, color perception.


Judgments and Decisions: Requires very few decisions affecting only the individual; works in a very stable environment with clear and uncomplicated written/oral instructions


York County Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires the County to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are invited to discuss accommodations.