Affordable Care Act Resources

There is not yet one exhaustive reference resource for such a new law. As with income tax forms, Library staff is not trained in the new law and is unable to offer advice. We have compiled a list of websites that offer official information about the Affordable Care Act. This is a large act with many facets, so there is not a simple formula to determine how much individuals must pay or which plan is best. The following are some of the factors that are considered:

  • Estimated income in 2014, then verification of income when taxes are filed.
  • Family size
  • Income compared with local poverty level
  • State participation to extend coverage
  • Which “tier” of insurability an eligible enrollee selects - from catastrophic to platinum

The Obama Administration kicked off the Health Insurance Marketplace education effort with a new, consumer-focused website ( for Spanish-speaking audiences) and the 24-hours-a-day consumer call center to help Americans prepare for open enrollment and ultimately sign up for private health insurance. The new tools will help Americans understand their choices and select the coverage that best suits their needs. Open enrollment in the new Health Insurance Marketplace began October 1. The toll-free number for the consumer call center is 1-800-318-2596. Assistance is available in more than 150 languages.

One page summary of the Health Insurance Marketplace

South Carolina-specific information

List of health centers in South Carolina that received a grant to assist the public in enrolling in Obamacare

As with any program, there is the potential for criminals to try to scam citizens out of their money. To report scammers, please call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or go to Your reports give the FTC the information it needs to launch investigations and put scammers out of business.

If you are a student writing a paper on The Affordable Care Act, remember that new information is being released every day and a simple search of the Library’s databases will yield more current information. A reference librarian should be able to offer assistance with your research.